Vivid Nails Nail Tip Glue, UV / LED Cured. (Brush On)

Vivid Nails

  • $12.00

  • Brush on application
  • U/V or LED Cured
  • High strength and lasting bond
  • .5 fl oz

Vivid Nails presents our Nail Tip Glue, the perfect solution for creating a long-lasting and durable nail enhancement. This high-quality adhesive is specially formulated for use with Vivid Nails' nail tips, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit every time.

Our Nail Tip Glue is designed to be cured under UV or LED light, creating a strong and durable bond that will keep your nail tips in place for weeks to come. Its .5 fl oz size provides enough glue for multiple applications, making it a great value for any nail enthusiast.

Easy to apply and quick to dry, Vivid Nails' Nail Tip Glue is suitable for both professional use and at-home manicures. Its precise brush applicator allows for accurate and controlled application, ensuring a flawless and seamless finish every time.

Upgrade your nail game with Vivid Nails' Nail Tip Glue and experience the convenience and reliability of our high-quality products. Trust in the durability of our Nail Tip Glue and rest assured that your nails will look great for weeks to come.

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