Vivid Nails Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky

Vivid Nails

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  • Made with 100% pure kolinsky hair
  • Weight-balancing for easy and accurate control
  • Acetone-proof painted wooden handle

Vivid Nails Pure Kolinsky | Red Cherry Wood | Chrome Ferrule

Made with 100% pure kolinsky hair, Vivid Nails brushes are hand-tailored with exact curvature for acrylic nail sculpture.  The medium handle measures 4.5" to 5" with weight-balancing for easy and accurate control.

Hair:        Pure kolinsky

Shape:    Round

Ferrule:   Chrome

Handle:   Acetone-proof painted wooden handle

Handle color:  Red Cherry

Note: Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner or liquid monomer DO NOT USE ACETONE because Acetone will remove the shine from bristle make acrylic tacky and buildup residue. Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel and reshape before storing.

Single brush per size

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