DL Professional Plastic Sterilizing Tool Tray

DL Professional

  • $12.00

  • When opening the lid, the tray will be lifted automatically. Pour disinfectant into the sterili-zing box, then close the lid, the tool will be soaked and disinfected.
  • Made of good quality plastic ensures the sterili-zing tray durable, sturdy, no odor, leak-proof, waterproof, non-toxic & safe, please feel free to use. The sterili-zing tray is ideal for disinfecting the tools.
  • 8.88"(L) x 4.88"(W) x 2.78"(H)


1: Take the tray out of the sterilizer box

2: Pour alcohol to sanitize(After this step, please move the box parallel and slowly if there is a need)

3: Place tweezers or nail art tool in the sterilizer tray

4: Put the nail art tool compartment in, soaking beauty tweezers the and close the box

5: Waiting for a few minutes, and the disinfection will be completed 

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