Cuccio Pro LED/UV Dip Gel Starter Kit


  • $39.00

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  • Free LED lamp included
  • Easy to apply in just 3 steps

Don't get stuck in a sticky situation with Powder Dip Polish treatments. Make the move to the Cuccio Pro Dip Gel system.

Cuccio Pro„ Dip Gel is an LED/UV curable soak-off gel base that is specifically formulated to work with the porous composition of dip powders as an

alternative to typical cyanoacrylates and activators found in dip systems. It requires less steps, less filing and it is easier to remove. The simplified application offers consistent results when used properly with the Cuccio Pro Powder Polish.

This Starter Kit contains all you need to use this new, easy, 3-step method including a free USB Led-UV lamp.

If you would like to purchase additional powder polishes just click here to access selection of colors.

The Starter Kit contains:

1 x 14ml Bonder,

1 x 14ml Dip Gel,

1 x 14ml No Cleanse Top Coat,

1 x 14gr Kyoto Cherry Blossom Powder Polish,

1 x 14gr A Kiss In Paris Powder Polish,

1 x USB Travel LED Lamp+USB cable (please note that the lamp needs an external 5V USB power supply to properly work. Any typical smartphone power supply will work).

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