Cuccio Pro Dip Base Coat Powder #5618

Cuccio Pro Dip Base Coat Powder #5618


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Cuccio Pro Dip Powder 1.6 oz

A Nail Colour Dip System that is the new way to give salon & spa clients up to 14 days of nail colour, with the flexibility of a gel & the durability of an acrylic.

Powder Polishes that are odourless & light on your nails.

A glossy finish that lasts up to 14 days.

No LED/UV light required.

Quick & easy application, won't damage nail bed when removed properly.

Professional use only!

Fast & easy application: - Please Note The Bottle lids sometimes get stiff and seem impossible to undo please apply a small amount of cuticle oil to loosen the lid if necessary.

Prepare nails. Gently Buff & Prime. Brush-on Base Gel. Dip. Apply Layering Gel. Dip & repeat. Brush-on Top Gel. Finish with Gel Activator.

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