Gelish Soak Off French Tip Acrylic Powder Nail Polish Dip System Manicure Kit


  • $85.00

    Smile Lines To Smile About!

    Get fool-proof pink and whites in a flash with Gelish Dip. By dipping instead of pouring or painting, you achieve a smile line that no hand can duplicate.

    Fast and easy application

    No light needed

    Up to 14 days of wear

    Safe with no harsh odors

    Colors match Gelish & Morgan Taylor shades

    Kit Includes:

    Prep .5oz

    Base Coat .5oz

    Activator .5oz

    Top Coat .5oz

    Brush Restorer .5oz

    Clear as Day Dip Powder 23g

    Artic Freeze Dip Powder 23g

    Tutus & Tights Dip Powder 23g

    Simple Sheer Dip Powder 23g

    French Dip Container

    Nail Surface Cleanse 4oz

    100ct Nail Wipes

    100/180 Grit Buffer File

    2 Bottle Caps

    6 Replacement Brushes

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