Cuccio Pro Dip Starter Kit

Cuccio Pro Dip Starter Kit


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Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Dip Starter Kit

This Powder Polish Dip System Starter Kit contains everything you need to try, first hand, the new nail colour system from Cuccio Pro. In this kit you will receive:

1 x 14ml(0.5oz)Powder Polish Primer (step 1)

1 x14ml(0.5oz)Powder Polish Nail Base & Top Gel (step 2 & 4)

1 x14ml(0.5oz)Powder Polish Layering Gel (step 3)

1 x14ml(0.5oz)Powder Polish Gel Activator (step 5)

1 x14ml(0.5oz)Powder Polish Brush Cleaner (step 6)

1 x14ml(0.5oz)Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil (step 7)

1 x 14g (0.5oz) Passionate Pink Powder

1 x 14g (0.5oz) French Pink Powder

1 x 14g (0.5oz) Clear Powder

1 x 14g (0.5oz) White Powder

1 x 14g (0.5oz) Multi Colour Glitter Powder

3 x Powder Polish Dipping Trays

  • A Nail Colour Dip System that is the new way to give salon & spa clients up to 14 days of nail colour, with the flexibility of a gel & the durability of an acrylic.
  • Powder Polishes that are odourless & light on your nails.
  • A glossy finish that lasts up to 14 days.
  • No LED/UV light required.
  • Quick & easy application, won't damage nail bed when removed properly.
  • Professional use only!

Fast & easy application: - Please Note The Bottle lids sometimes get stiff and seem impossible to undo please apply a small amount of cuticle oil to loosen the lid if necessary.

  • Prepare nails. Gently Buff & Prime. Brush-on Base Gel. Dip. Apply Layering Gel. Dip & repeat. Brush-on Top Gel. Finish with Gel Activator.

Cuccio is a company that formed nearly 30 years ago and is one of the largest nail companies in the world, and is still ran by it's original founder. A leading brand that distributes a huge product range to over 130 countries worldwide, and one of the few that chosen not to sell it's product through retail outlets.

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